What is your cost for weddings?

Starting price for weddings is $2,500+

Where are you located?

Lafayette/ West Lafayette Indiana

How many Photos do I get from my wedding?

Well over 1,500 photographs. I give my clients nearly all the photos I shoot. This is huge and not a lot of wedding photographers do this, I promise you. I let you choose your favorites by giving most of them to you. It’s not me choosing them for you and narrowing it down to a minuscule number of photos that doesn’t seem to reflect the price you pay. I have them, why would I not give them to you, is my thinking. That’s what I want as a client.

What camera do you use?

Canon 5D Mark iii + Canon 5D Mark iii (Backup)

 Do you bring back up equipment?

Always..lesson learned.

Could we have the RAW photos? 

I do not give RAW photos/files! You’ve hired me as an artist to tell your story, and my art as a photographer are the finished and edited photos.

Have you received any formal training as a photographer?

Yes I got my degree in photography at the Art Institute of Indianapolis

What is your “Style” of photography?

Natural light. I really love photographing in natural lighting as much as possible.

 Do you travel?

Of Course!  I love traveling and photographing in new places! Travel costs outlined in your contract. When traveling I ask that most travel costs be covered by the client-  Hotel, airfare/gas etc.

 How do I move forward and book you?

Email me! I require a signed contract and a “save the date” deposit of $500 to ensure your wedding date is reserved with me!

For any other services (Family session, Senior pictures, Engagements…est.) email me at:  laurenkoleffphotography@gmail.com

After my wedding how long till I receive my photos?

Mostly no longer than 4 weeks (Dependent on my work load) 

 Do you offer a second photographer or assistant? 

This is entirely up to you and the availability of my second shooters an additional $300 is the cost of a second shooter with me for your whole day. Or $150 for an assistant with me for most of your day.

How do I get my photographs?

All edited photographs are on a USB for weddings and through a photo gallery for every other type of shoot. Special edits may be applied for album & print orders (thank you cards, save the dates) upon request.

Will you post the photographs online?

Always. I post samples the day of or the next day. I generally will post about every shoot on my site.

 Do you come to the rehearsal?

Not usually, but depending on where your wedding is located (out of state) I may.

Can you include an Engagement session in your wedding package?

Yes, Engagements sessions are discounted.  Sessions on their own are $350. I take $50 off Engagement sessions if you do both Wedding and Engagements with me! 

How long is the Engagement session?

Bridal / Engagement sessions usually lasts 1 and 1/2 to 2 hours.